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VIP Membership
« on: July 19, 2006, 01:53:21 PM »
VIP Membership

As time passed, the forum grew larger and larger. We have now been up for over a year and the staff at TPPC.Messed all felt that there were many dedicated members on this forum that have not received anything in return.

As a result, we have decided to open up a VIP membergroup for active members that have been here at least 3 months, and have made 200 posts which were meaningful, helpful, and non-spam. Being a VIP member has numerous benefits, including access to private forums, having more say in the site's direction, and being able to beta test programs before they are released. At this moment in time, they are testing the new Pokemon Catcher that will be released before the weekend. Of course this is only the beginning. We are planning to add many other perks and benefits of the VIP group.

As of right now, this section is by invitation only (at the discretion of the forum staff), but the current VIP members will be able to suggest candidates for future invitation. If you have met the criteria and have not been invited, do not worry, we have not forgotten about you - you will be invited soon enough.

That is all for now.
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