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The Best Way To Use The AutoAttacker
« on: December 20, 2008, 07:06:08 PM »
EDIT: If you have anything you think should be added to this guide, then please PM me, and if I like what you say, I shall add it to my guide, with full credit to you.

This is a simple guide that will explain the basics of the AA, and the way in which to achieve the best and fastest results. This is not a guide on how to make the actual AA program faster, nor is it a guide on how to work the AA. This guide is merely a list of pointers on how to train your Pokemon faster.

1. Fight Blissey Training Accounts.
A list of Blissey training accounts can be found on the TPPC Forums, or here:

Copy and paste the ID of the training account you want into the box on the top right of the AA Window. Choose a Training Account that best suits the level of your starting Pokemon. I recommend not choosing an account with pokemon over twice the level of yours. (e.g. Don't choose a level 100 training account when your starter is only level 5)

2. Use DoubleKick

DoubleKick is THE best move for killing Blisseys, so when you go to enter a strategy file, enter this:
Dim strMove
Dim blnAsked

strMove = "DOUBLEKICK"

Sub Strategy()
   SetStatus ("Using " & strMove & "...")
   Attack (strMove)
End Sub

This will ensure the fastest possible kills.

3. Use up to 3 AAs.

Using one AA may not give you kills as fast as you'd want them, so I recommend using 3 at a time. To do so, simply open the program 3 times, and enter the strategy file into each one.

The more AAs you use, the higher chance there is of being banned, however, it has been proven that using up to 3 AAs is fine. Any more than 3 and you have a serious risk of being banned from TPPC.

Also keep in mind that, if you run too many AAs, then the AAs will start to lag each other. For example, if you open 18 AAs, it most likely will only be as fast as running 6 AAs, as they start to lag. Even if the AAs run at the speed of 6, you still have the extremely large chance of being banned that you get by running 18 AAs.

4. Don't overuse the AA.

Many people have been banned because they have used the AA for too long. If the TPPC Mods notice that you've been killing 8 Blisseys a minute for 3 straight days, then they're gonna put 2 and 2 together and ban you.

I recommend using AA for about 6-7 hours every day, perhaps with a break every few days, just to reduce the chances you being banned even more.

4.1. Don't train Pokemon past level 2499!!!

I am saying that 2499 is the highest you should ever train a Pokemon. It doesn't matter if you idolise f00sh, or that you've trained a pokemon to level 2700 already without being banned. IF YOU HAVE A POKEMON THAT IS OVER LEVEL 2499, YOU WILL BE AN OPEN TARGET FOR THE TPPC MODS.

If you're wondering why this is, it's due to the fact that owning a level 2499+ Pokemon puts you VERY high up on the rankings, and makes you easy to spot and track down.

5. Never train on your main.

Important note: It may be true that the TPPC Mods have Trade Logs, this means they can follow your trades and whatnot. Therefore, this point is still useful, but you can still  be caught.

Hear the little rhyme there? That should help you remember it. It is better to train on a side account, or several side accounts. When you want to, you can then trade these Pokemon to your main OR you can keep trading these Pokemon around your side accounts, so that the TPPC Mods cannot track you.

WHEN YOU TRADE, AT LEAST TRY AND MAKE THE TRADES SEEM FAIR. I cannot stress this enough. If TPPC Mods suddenly start seeing you trading Level 2499 Pokemon from an account, for Level 5 Pokemon, then they are going to be at least a little suspicious.

Credit to: TyrantSlayer

6. Team Boost / Amulet Coin

While these items may look all shiny and brilliant, be careful using them while you AA. If TPPC sees that you are earning 5 or 6 million Team Points a day, then they are surely going to ban you, as has been proven by a member of these forums. I recommend making no more than 1 million Team Points per day, just to avoid major suspicion.

The Amulet Coin is also a little bit risky to use, as when you earn all this TPPC Money from AAing, you'll suddenly want to go ahead and spend it all. TPPC will notice you spending billions of TPPC dollars a day, and will become very suspicious, which could possibly then lead to a ban. I recommend using the Amulet Coin for only a short period of time (perhaps an hour) and then just earning normal money for the rest of the time.

7. EXP Share

This is incredibly simple, but I'm sure some people don't think to do it.

Train one of your Pokemon up to a high level (let's say 2000) with the AA, by moving through Blisseys trainers slowly as your Pokemon gets stronger.
Then, find another Pokemon you want to train to a high level (Let's say 1000)
Equip the weaker Pokemon with an EXP Share, and then make the stronger Pokemon fight against the level 2500 Blisseys (this is just an example for a level 2000 Pokemon)
The Pokemon with EXP Share equipped will gain levels A LOT faster than it would have if you had AA'ed it manually.

Eventually, as your weaker Pokemon get stronger, the EXP Share trick will become less useful, and at that point, it's time to switch that Pokemon to your First Slot, and let it fight Blisseys itself.

But if all that was too confusing for you, don't worry, just fight Blisseys the same as you would do normally.

8. TPPC Features

This shouldn't be too hard to understand. STAY AWAY FROM THINGS THAT WILL DRAW ATTENTION TO YOU!!! This means things such as the Safari Zone Contest, and the World Reputation competitions. You have to try and remain as hidden as possible, or you will be banned.

That concludes my little guide. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope that helped you with the AutoAttacker.

Also don't forget to read: For basic tips on how not to get banned.

AND If you can't run AA, then go here and read this guide on how to set up the AA.

If anybody has any questions involving the Auto Attacker and how to run or maximise your levelling, then read this topic and the other two links I have left at the bottom.

Should you still encounter problems, feel free to PM me, and I will try to help you get the AA up and running, and your Pokemon incredibly strong.
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